Fight for a Fossil Free Future

Fight for a Fossil Free Future

Fossil fuel projects are fueling the climate crisis and harming people in the process. Frontline communities are working toward a fossil free future and pushing back on production and infrastructure—but they can’t do it alone.

Act Now

To hold global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, we must transition to clean energy that prioritizes our planet and its people.

Yet, new and expanded fossil fuel projects are still moving forward. The continued build-out of infrastructure—dirty pipelines, massive oil and gas lease sales and irresponsible drilling projects—only damages our environment, disproportionately impacts vulnerable communities and locks us into decades of fossil fuels.

Our future depends on stopping new fossil fuel development, rapidly phasing out existing infrastructure and delivering justice to all communities. President Biden has the power to end further fossil fuel expansion. Take action, support frontline communities and help keep up the fight against fossil fuels.

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