Climate Justice Is Social Justice

Climate Justice Is Social Justice

“The people most impacted by climate change are the ones who live closest to the lands, who are committed to their communities, and who have the least amount of money,” says Dr. PennElys Droz of NDN Collective. Climate justice seeks to address this inequity.

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Water will erase Newtok, Alaska. To escape rising sea levels and coastal erosion, the people of Newtok must move their village, risking the loss of traditional knowledge, language and cultural bonds.

What the people of Newtok are facing is not unique. Globally, an estimated 1.4 billion people may have to relocate due to rising seas by 2060. Frontline communities such as Newtok often face more severe social, economic and public health impacts from the effects of climate change and the failure of wealthier nations to act. Climate justice acknowledges this inequity and strives to right it. By working together for climate justice, we are also helping to solve the climate crisis.

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